PS and PH screen

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Detail Specifications

The 2 new vertical PH and PS screens process quick-melt glue, contact adhesive, plastic & rubber pellets, and asphalt particles. They handle high density pulp to saves energy from repeated dilution and concentration.
1. PH and PS screen are both vertical, closed & pressurized type. Screen for PH has round holes, with PS’ being slots.
2. Both process high density pulp, with PH able to handle max. density of 4.0% and 2.8% for PS.
3. Both are energy-saving with capacity 2~3 times of typical screen machine.
4. Operational speed being 20~25m/sec that is double that of typical machines, to reduce blockage and improve screen efficiency.
5. Both screen out hot-melt adhesive, coatings, or paraffin particles efficiently.
6. Reduces need for pre- and post-process equipment.