Twin Refiner

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Detail Specifications

The Twin Refiner is a double disc refiner having a circle of refining plate segments mounted on each side of a rotor working in conjunction with two non-rotating circles of refining plate segments. One circle of non-rotating segments is mounted in the casing, the other is mounted in a sliding end cover which is adjusted electro-mechanically.

The refiner is designed for ease of maintenance and simplicity of operation. It has no obstruction to cause plugging and is specially designed for rapid disc change.

The main casing is constructed from stainless steel and forms the stock chamber containing the two non-rotating stationary heads complete with disc segment circles manufactured in Ni-hard, and the floating rotor. A stuffing box with water seal ring, conventional soft packing and gland is located at the rear of the casing where the shaft passes through into the chamber.

The Refiner has a single feed of stock at top centre to the refining surfaces.